Amazingly Simple Wine Opener

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You Save: $25 (55%)

✔️ Great Gift Idea!
✔️ So Easy Anyone Can Open Wine!
✔️ Great Party Starter

*Due To High Demand, Limit 5 Per Order

You're Price:
You Save: $25 (55%)

✔️ Great Gift Idea!
✔️ So Easy Anyone Can Open Wine!
✔️ Great Party Starter

*Due To High Demand, Limit 5 Per Order

You're Price:
You Save: $25 (55%)

✔️ Great Gift Idea!
✔️ So Easy Anyone Can Open Wine!
✔️ Great Party Starter

*Due To High Demand, Limit 5 Per Order

Why You Need This


The amazingly simple wine opener allows you to simply pierce the cork with a needle, apply a few simple pumps of air pressure, and voila the cork magically comes out!

Gone are the days of broken corks, broken cork screws, floating cork bits in your wine, and for a lot of us…the pain of opening a bottle of wine!


  • No pulling, twisting, or broken cork pieces.
  • Compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles.
  • There are no fumes, and no gas is needed for the Air Pressure pump to work properly.

Grab yours now while supplies last!  At this HUGE discount of 55% OFF, we are having a hard time keeping these in stock.  These are not sold in stores and this sale ends in the next two days!

P.S.   Makes an AMAZING gift for your friends and family!

Please be cautious not to over pump when using.  Though we guarantee the quality and integrity of our Amazingly Simple Wine Opener we cannot guarantee the quality and structural integrity of every bottle of wine.  Please do not use more than ten pumps per wine bottle.  Our opener inserts air into the bottle by its design, which will increase the amount of air pressure in the bottle.  In some extremely rare cases a defective bottle may shatter if too much air pressure is applied.  When using please make sure to keep your hand supporting the bottle on the actual bottle and not on the plastic clear neck of the opener.

How Does It Work?

1. Insert needle all the way through the cork

2. Hold one hand below the opener on the neck of the bottle, the other hand use to pump the opener.

2. Pump 4 times

3. Then pump once more at a time until the cork comes out of the bottle.

4. Do not hold onto the clear needle protector of the opener.

5. Push the clear plastic ring on the opener from the top to the bottom to remove the cork from the needle

6. Do not put more than 10 total pumps into the bottle.  In rare instances there is a defect in a wine bottle that could cause the bottle to break if too much air pressure is put in from the opener.  While we can guarantee the quality of our wine openers we cannot guarantee the quality of every wine bottle.


What’s the happiness guarantee?

We will work tirelessly to make you happy on each and every order.  If your product is delivered and there is an issue with the order within 30 days of receipt, we will be happy to work with you to make you happy and get you the product and experience you deserve.  If it’s outside of 30 days from receipt please contact us and we’ll be able to provide a steep discount on a replacement of your product.  Not even Amazon does that!

Are there instructions?

Yes, Please click this link to watch our instructional video.

Does it actually work?

Yes, by using air pressure the Amazingly Simple Wine Opener literally pushes the cork out of the bottle. It does not dig into or grind the cork so you do not need to worry about the cork breaking or crumbling.

How do I get the cork off the needle once it is out of the bottle?

There is a small plastic tab on the outside of the needle guard that will allow you to easily push the cork off the needle.

Does it come in a gift box?

Yes! It comes in a sturdy box that contains written instructions. Making it perfect for gift giving!

Do I need to purchase more than one of these?

Yes! For many reasons, but the two most popular are to give the extras as gifts to friends and loved ones and so that you can store more than one in a convenient location. We’ve had customers purchase 5 from us just so they can keep them handy all over their house, their boat, their RV, their camper.

How much pressure does it take to pop the cork off the bottle?

That will depend on the wine maker first. Corks come in different sizes, so some will fit tighter than others. Also, if the cork is very dry from storing the bottle upright and not laying on its side to keep the cork wet. So some will take as little as 3-4 pumps and other take like 15 pumps, but they will all come out. As the cork begins to lift, continue to pump slowly while you pull on the opener to help guide any dry or old corks out easier.

Shipping & Returns

Here at SUTMM our passion in life is to provide you our amazing customer with the coolest products on planet Earth!

Because of the viral nature of our products and how fast our stocks get bought up we are currently running a delivery window of 2-4 weeks from the date of order.

What should I expect when I order?

Within 30 minutes of completing your order and seeing your order confirmation page you will receive a receipt / order confirmation email from us.  If you don’t see one in your inbox please check your spam folder.  It is hugely important to double check for typos on your email address and shipping address, as without accurate info we can’t get you your orders!

Your order will be placed in processing for a period of 24 hours.  This temporary hold will allow for any changes or cancellations requested by our customers.

Within the following 48-72 hours (depending if you order on the weekend) you will receive a follow up email confirming your order’s shipment.  In that email will be your tracking number and a link to be able to track the entire process of order packing to delivery on your doorstep.

All of our packages are delivered by our three trusted providers: USPS, DHL, and FedEx.

Outside of peak delivery times (Christmas holidays) we average a delivery time of 10 natural days.  However, things do happen, so please understand our expected delivery time is 2-4 weeks.

Why does it take so long to get my order?

To put it bluntly, we’re not as big as Amazon and other eCommerce giants.  They use slave labor and other bully tactics to cut costs down to the bare minimum.  We don’t do that and we surely don’t have their order volume.  We are a family owned small business based right here in the good ‘ole USA.

Please double check your shipping address is inputted correctly. If entered incorrectly, your order may not be delivered and the order will not be resent.

Unfortunately, NO changes or cancellations may be made to orders after the first 24 hours since order has been placed.  This is due to the overwhelming demand from our customers for the fastest possible shipping times.  Because of this demand our orders are processed as quickly as possible.

Please refer to our return/refund policy if you would like to return a portion of your order once received.

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Wine,coffee drinker

Wine cork removaler works flawlessly

Love this wine opener

Love this opener! Once I figured out how it worked I can’t do without it. I buy extras and give as gifts, and they don’t last forever so I always have a backup. My only complaint is it doesn’t work on bottles with oversized thick openings, which makes me use an old style opener.

Awesome gift


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