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Why You Need This

Love it when your glass of wine is chilled JUST RIGHT?!

But hate the water downed taste of putting ice in your glass?

Then this little gem of an invention is the answer to your needs for that perfect glass of wine.

Designed with the highest quality materials you’ll be able to keep your bottles of wine chilled for hours without one single ice cube to ruin the flavor of the wine.

Doubles as an easy pour spout and

Triples as an aerator!

Makes a perfect gift for all the wine lovers in your life!

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Don’t just take our word for how great this little beauty is, see what our happy customers have to say!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great purchase

Although it did take me a few times to get the hang of it - I love it !! Once I mastered it I was very pleased;). It’s a great gadget to have and it works great !!!!!

Great Product

It performs as expected.


Finally tried the 3-in-1 wine chiller and I was pleasantly surprised. The wine chiller comes in a very fancy designed package. It is easy to use, works great and is very handy. The drip-free pourer pours the wine smoothly in the glass without any drips or spills and the chill rod keeps the pre-chilled white wine cold for more than 1 hour. Also tried it with a bottle of red wine that I normally store in my pantry at room temperature. After inserting the chiller in the bottle of red wine (make sure to pour the first half glass of wine directly out of the bottle to allow the chiller to be inserted) the red wine refreshes to ideal drinking temperature. Even the built-in aerator performed well and improved the wine drinking experience when drinking a bottle of Shiraz some days ago.


Just used it and I love it. Keeps the wine cool even being out of the cooler for more than 4 hours. I am able to pour the wine without spilling a drop.
Easy to clean.
Back in the freezer waiting for the next bottle to keep chilled


This wine chiller stick is a wonderful multipurpose wine accessory. The stainless steel chill rod works like a charm and is great for all sized bottles. The cooler rod is kept in the freezer for at least 1-2 hours , and when needed is screwed into the double-lipped pouring spout. Together these two pieces not only ensure that the wine in kept chilled long enough to empty the bottle and that your wine pours smoothly out of the bottle with no drips. The built in aerator also enriches your wine with oxygen to give it the possibility to unfold its true flavor. Pretty impressive for such a small gadget.

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