Instant Wine Aerator

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This wine aerator instantly improves your wine, enhancing its flavor, texture and aromas. It has a built-in aeration system that lets oxygen get in contact with the wine, bringing it to its full potential.

5 reasons you need a wine aerator:

1. It just improves the taste of your wine. As the wine flows through the aerator the resulting oxidation helps soften flavours and releases aromas of the wine, bringing it to its full potential.

2. It’s quicker and more efficient than using a decanter. You are able to enjoy aerated wine immediately and most often you will get the same improved flavour as letting the wine breathe for 30 minutes in a decanter.

3. It’s the perfect gift or gift for wine lovers.

4. A wine aerator allows you to aerate your wine by the glass. Instead of pouring the entire bottle into a decanter (and perhaps having to later throw away the wine that you can’t finish), you can simply pop the cork back onto the bottle after you’ve had enough and save the rest for the next day.

5. Using a wine aerator can make a wine taste twice as expensive. You’ll get twice the flavor for exactly the same price.

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