Ultimate Instalids – Set of 6

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You Save: $20 (50%)

✔️ Great Gift Idea!
✔️ Use 1,000s of Times
✔️ Clings to any kind of bowl

*Due To High Demand, Limit 5 Per Order

You're Price:
You Save: $20 (50%)

✔️ Great Gift Idea!
✔️ Use 1,000s of Times
✔️ Clings to any kind of bowl

*Due To High Demand, Limit 5 Per Order

You're Price:
You Save: $20 (50%)

✔️ Great Gift Idea!
✔️ Use 1,000s of Times
✔️ Clings to any kind of bowl

*Due To High Demand, Limit 5 Per Order

Why You Need This

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Tired of  throwing out the leftovers you just made last night because they got all dried out because the cling wrap you used didn’t cling to anything but the food?

How about struggling to find the right food cover for the right bowl?

Why does there have to be so many shapes, sizes, materials of bowls?

And why can’t cling wrap, you know, actually cling to anything but itself or my arm hair?

We just want to save some leftovers after all!!

That’s where the Swiss Army Knife for the food container world comes to the rescue!

The Ultimate Instalids will stretch over just about any shape, size, or kind of bowl you could possibly have.

Better yet, they’re environmentally friendly and you can use them for years to come!

Best yet, they create an airtight seal your wasteful cling wrap can only dream about.

Keeping your leftovers fresher longer, which everyone you know will love (except maybe your one kid who hates leftovers…Sorry Billy).

Click the big green Add To Cart button above to snag a set for yourself and a second for a friend or loved one and save their leftover sanity too. 🙂

The Details:

  • Stretchy enough to fit any shape
  • Fits snug on plastic bowls!
  • Silicone storage covers come in 6 different sizes meet most of your needs
  • Environmentally friendly – No wasted plastic
  • Microwave-safe & heat-resistant to 450˚F so you can quickly reheat & enjoy delicious leftovers
  • Non-Toxic and BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
How to use:
  • Color: Blue or Clear
  • Dimensions: You will find a size that fits all your mugs, pots, cups and bowls. You get 6 covers:
    (1) 2.6″ (will stretch to 3.5″)
    (2) 3.7″ (will stretch to 5″)
    (3) 4.5″ (will stretch to 6″)
    (4) 5.7″(will stretch to 8″)
    (5) 6.5″ (will stretch to 9″)
    (6) 8.3″ (will stretch to 11″)

Please Note:

Orders being shipped outside of the USA, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to high demand and customs.

NO changes or cancellations may be made to orders being shipped from our U.S. warehouse.  This is due to the overwhelming demand from our customers for the fastest possible shipping times.  Because of this demand our orders are processed immediately.  Meaning, the moment you complete your purchase, your order is sent to our warehouse for shipment.

Please refer to our return and refund policy if you would like to return a portion of your order once received.

Please double check your shipping address is inputted correctly. If entered incorrectly, your order may not be delivered and the order will not be resent.

Instalids FAQ

Are There Instructions On How To Use These?

Yes!  Simply click this link to see our instructions

Does it actually work?

Yes! simply place one edge of the lid over the bowl’s edge closest to you and stretch it directly across the bowl.  Then stretch one side a time until you have the desired seal.  For an air tight seal lift one sealed edge with one hand and push the center of the lid down pushing the air out with the other hand.  Then simple reseal the lid.

Can I reuse the lids?

Yes!  These lids were designed to last a long time and be able to use again and again for years to come.  If you take a bowl out of the refrigerator please allow the condensation from the bowl and the lid to dry completely before reapplying the lid.  The lid is made of pore free silicone.  This is a great feature because they are more sanitary than other options as silicone is not porous.  For the seal to work the surface needs to be dry.

Does it come in a gift box?

Yes! It comes in a sturdy box that contains written instructions.  Making it perfect for gift giving!

Do I need to purchase more than one of these?

Yes!  For many reasons, but the two most popular are to give the extras as gifts to friends and loved ones and so that you can store more than one in a convenient location.  We’ve had customers purchase 5 from us just so they can keep them handy all over their house, their boat, their RV, their camper.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 478 reviews
Exactly as advertised, works great

Works great, no complaints. Have put them through the dishwasher and they are just fine. Would definitely buy again or as a gift.

Tx in NY

Nice selection of lid covers, but cleaning is a bit of a challenge. I do like the size choices.


They are awesome thank you


Ultimate Instalids - Set of 6

Uitimate instalids

So far these instalids have been great. They work great and easy to use. Obviously it is better to use a reusable lid rather than using something that has to go into the trash every time.

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